Image credit: child development institute 

Imagine when your child starts experiencing puberty and menstruation, you're not there for them. 

When they start hearing words like sex, pregnancy, relationship, date, gangs, cults, etc., you're not there to counsel them. 

It's a teacher who has 500 other kids to tutor and who's probably underpaid that you'd expect to have time for your child?

Your kids see their teachers more than they see you.
What's the point of working day and night for kids who don't know you? 

This is how kids become emotionally detached from their parents. As they age, their parents barely come to mind. They forget to call. They seek advice from their peers and strangers more than parents. 

I know the horrors kids experience in day school talk less of boarding. At least in day school they have the hope of getting home to peace and safety. But in Boarding School, there's no escaping it. It's more like prison. 

If you have a target on your back, you try to run with no where to hide. That's why a child would respect a "school mother", "school father" of 16, 17 over their mother or father who birthed them. If that isn't survival mentality of prisoners I don't know what is.

Boarding School may have been good in the past or there may be some good now, but to me, what's existent now is mostly Burden School.

My child is not boarding anything! We must bond till they 16 to 18. Then I can ship them off.

By Chimezie Okeke

By mcfi