One thing I have come to realize about programming in Nigeria is that the current education system doesn’t teach anything about becoming a good programmer. A couple of departments; computer science and computer engineering, teach one or two outdated programming languages and they never follow technological trends, and that’s it. For some of us who dreamt of becoming a good programmer, had it shattered even before we woke up. So here are a few things you should try to do when starting out in tech.

Always have a plan
You need a good plan, you need to know where you’re going, what you’re trying to become. As beautiful as it is to be a jack of all trades, you might waste valuable time acquiring skills you do not need without a plan. Not all programming languages are needed for a back-end developer and in the same way, not all are needed for front-end development or UI/UX. While it’s great and beneficial to understand one or two in every field, you would save a lot of strength when you specialize in one.

You should have a good mentor
One sure way to avoid missing your target or burning out quickly from exhaustion is to have a mentor. Once you narrow down the area you want to specialize in, look out for a mentor. If you are fortunate to have a great developer as a mentor good for you, but if you can't make sure you find an average developer who is better than you and will always have a listening hear to hear you. You can as well join some organizations online like Developer Student Club(DSC), it's an easy way to get a mentor and also a sense of belonging in the community, this is so helpful and would give you the push when you need one.

Don’t wait till you have money
A wise man once said, “check YouTube”. A lot of academies online now teach professional courses on that tech career you want to pursue on YouTube you could be saving your coins by looking for free stuff. Be strategic. Take that one-month free Python class or beginner web dev webinar, get the outline or an idea on the next step them check for free courses online. There are tons and tons of them. Save your coins! Copied!

Check for other areas in tech
If programming isn't going as planned, it's never too late to switch. Tech is wide, very wide. There are so many avenues to building a career in tech,
There is Cloud engineering, Software testing, Dev ops, just so many, security, hacking, computer engineering, etc. If you’re coding and it’s giving you a hard time check out other areas you need little coding knowledge. Product management and designs are areas you can specialize in with little coding skills. 

This is one of the most important. Code every day. Practice every day. 1 hour daily is better than seven hours a day once a week. You would have forgotten everything you learned the previous week. There’s a high risk of burning out. Set weekly goals, daily goals, and meet up, you’ll love it. Consistency is the key. 

By mcfi