E-Commerce System is an Online-Based System that allows buyers to easily search for products using their smartphones or laptop with an internet connection. This is a user-friendly system and it has a responsive design that fits in your gadget. It contains products such as Clothing (Men, Women, and Kids), Shoes, Bags, Interiors, and many more. You have many products to choose from and it’s very convenient for you to order a certain product that you like. The mode of Payment is Cash on Delivery and the fee depends on the location that you set up on the admin side.


Admin Side

  1. Manage Products
  2. Manage Orders
  3. Manage Categories
  4. Manage Discount
  5. Manage Delivery Fee
  6. Manage Users
  7. Generates Report

Customer Side

  1. Home
  2. Shop
  3. Products
  4. Contacts
  5. Cart
  6. Searching for Products
  7. Billing Details
  8. Submit Orders
  9. Customer Profile
    1. Update Accounts
    2. WishList
    3. List of Orders

How to Run



  1. Download and Install any local web server such as XAMPP and WAMP.
  2. Download and Extract the source code zip code.


  1. Open your XAMPP/WAMP's Control Panel and start "Apache" and "MySQL".
  2. Extract the source code zip file
  3. If you are using XAMPPcopy and paste the source code folder into XAMPP's "htdocs" directory. And if you are using WAMP, paste it into the "www" directory of WAMP.
  4. Open web browser and browse the PHPMyAdmin. (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)
  5. Create new database naming "db_ecommerce".
  6. Import the SQL file to your newly created database. The SQL file is located inside the extracted source code folder and known as "db_ecommerce.sql".
  7. Open web browser and browse the web application. (http://localhost/ecommerce) for the website and for the admin side (http://localhost/ecommerce/admin)

Admin Access
Username: janobe
Password: admin

Sample Customer Access
Username: janobe
Password: janobe1234

Note: This project was not developed by G7conet, for more information about this project please contact the author through 09305235027 – TNT or Email:  jannopalacios@gmail.com