Freguently Asked Questions

How do you execute the work?

  • I work based on agile development methodology.
  • Get the initial requirements. Start iteration sprint, do the development.
  • Upload to the test server and give access to the client. At the end of every sprint, generally two weeks. Get feedback.
  • Incorporate feedback and proceed with planned iterations development.
  • Iterate and repeat the above.
  • How do I reach you for support?

    Nothing beats the traditional email, shoot an email to, or through Whatsapp at +2347049918283. I am committed to answer your queries and get it resolved.

    Posting Guidelines

    Details about posting guidelines will be updated very soon

    My comment was deleted. What happen?

    Non english content are automatically deleted. Use only english language to write content and or comments.

    I have a little work to do, will you do it?

  • I accept work ranging from a few hours to projects that span months.
  • I give the same importance to all sizes of work.
  • How do we bill?

  • My preference is to bill based on projects. Get your requirements, estimate the work, submit you a quote with schedule and cost.
  • I am also available on monthly contract based billing.
  • If you wish, I can bill by hours. I am flexible and we can work it out as per your choice.
  • Can i share my project?

    Yes, you can share your project too. All you need to do is contact the admin through the designated platforms. Your project will be uploaded along side with the information provided by you.

    Can I upload my project myself?

    For now, no. Very soon users will be allowed to upload project.

    Why is the project author different from the admin?

    Other projects from others authors can be uploaded here with proper acknowledgement.

    Are the project free?

    Yes. All project here can be downloaded free without any charge.

    I can't access some features in the downloaded source code

    All you need to do is to contact the author with information provided by the author.